3 Hair Hacks

  • Invest in a silk pillowcase
If you are like us and want to know the tips and tricks to maintain your hair. You have come to the right place! Cotton pillowcases can snag and tear your hair while you toss and turn, which causes split ends. It draws moisture from the hair, causing it to become dehydrated and break which as we know means FRIZZ. The silky surface of a silk pillowcase allows your strands to glide smoothly no matter how rough you sleep. It also helps to retain moisture and keep your locks hydrated. Ditch the frizz while catching ZZZ's! 
  • Apply dry shampoo before you go to bed
For most of us, washing our hair 2 times a week is enough. If your hair is feeling a little greasy or oily, apply some dry shampoo to your hair before you go to bed instead of in the morning. The ingredients in the dry shampoo will help prevent oils overnight so you wake up in the morning like you've had a fresh blow-out -preventative is always better than a cure!
  •  Avoid hot showers
Just like our skin, our hair will become dehydrated from too much time spent in a hot shower. And, while we all love a long, hot shower - especially in the cooler months, super-hot water can strip your hair of essential oils. That is especially true if you have curly or Afro hair. Lower the temperature and opt for washing in lukewarm water instead - your hair will thank you for it.