4 Tips for Frizz Free Hair this Spring

Frizzy hair is the type of hair that has a mind of its own and we are not here for it! It tends to stand up or curl in sections, and in other sections your hair can have a totally different texture.

When you talk about hair frizz, it refers to the strands of hair that tend to stick out from the rest of your hair; AKA ‘flyaways.’

We've all had a bad hair day where frizz has won, leaving the score us: 0 frizz:1. But no longer!

Here are 4 tips to help keep your hair frizz free this spring!

1. Use the Right Products

We've said it once and we'll say it again- the products you use on your hair make a huge difference to your hair health! If you're someone who wants to combat frizzy hair, start with the right shampoo and conditioner. One of the main reasons hair frizzes is due to lack of moisture.

Kevin Murphy's Hydrate Range is the perfect way to put moisture back into the hair and reduce frizz this season. Their Hydrating Wash replenishes hair with much-needed moisture. It's ideal for hair that's dry, or exposed to harsh dry climates. It's packed with antioxidant goodness to help restore a healthy glow to parched locks, aiding in reduced frizz.

Kevin's Hydrating Rinse is the perfect pair for this replenishing wash. It helps to look in moisture and improves the look and feel of split ends so your hair will appear frizz free from roots to ends.

Now, Kevin Murphy doesn't stop with the Hydrate Range. They have another secret weapon up their sleeve to combat the frizz season. The Smooth Again Range! This wash, rinse and treatment tames thick, coarse and unruly hair. T

he secret is Keratin Protein that mimics the structure of hair’s natural proteins to deliver targeted damage repair where needed most for seamlessly smooth results. Nourishing oils and butters, including Monoi Oil, helps hair retain essential moisture and fight frizz, leaving it silky soft and extremely touchable.


2. Invest in a Hair Oil

Another reason frizz happens is when the level of humidity in the air is greater than the level of water in your hair (even when your hair is dry, it is still holding on to a small amount of moisture). Humidity goes into your hair and rearranges the bonds inside each hair fibre, turning a smooth look into chaos. An easy way to improve that is by applying a hair oil to your dry hair. This helps to put a barrier between the hair cuticle and the other humidity. Kevin Murphy's Young Again Oil delivers deep conditioning and shine-boosting benefits while protecting the hair against environmental stressors, helping to reduce frizz.


3. Keratin Treatment

If you're someone will hair that doesn't quit, and you're looking for a longer lasting solution to frizz- Look no further, a Keratin Treatment is here to help. A Keratin Treatment is an in-salon solution to frizzy, damaged and unruly hair. It works by smoothing down the cells that overlap the hair strands. These cells absorb the Keratin, resulting in hair that appears more full, glossy, shiny, and smooth. Keratin treatments are also a great way to make curly hair less frizzy, easier to style and straighter in appearance. In simple terms, Keratin Treatments put the protein already found in your hair, back into your hair. Leaving it feeling healthier, smoother, shinier, and frizz-free.

4. Silk Pillowcase

If you're someone who wakes up to the ultimate frizz bomb- this solution is made for you. Silk pillowcases fight frizz by helping your hair retain moisture. Like your hair itself, silk is a natural protein that contains vital amino acids that helps keep hair moisturised and foster growth. Silk is also a friction-free material that allows your hair to glide and move freely over the pillowcase while you sleep, creating less frizz in the morning. If you're wanting to reduce frizz (and upgrade you bed linen at the same time) the silk pillow is a great solution.

You can book a keratin treatment online at Enigma here.