Crazy For Curls

If you’re someone with curly hair you know how difficult it can be to take care of. Whilst the waves and ringlets might look easy and effortless to the outside world, battling the frizz and maintaining the shape is an internal struggle only our curly girls and guys truly understand. Luckily, we’re here to help! Weather you wear your hair curly every day or you’re someone who wants to experiment with their natural hair -here are our top tips to styling and maintaining curly hair!

Maintaining Your Curls

The number one rule when it comes to maintaining curly hair is hydration. Curly hair craves moisture! It helps to keep your curl pattern intact, reduce frizz and adds to the overall health of the hair. Keeping your hair hydrated can be accomplished through products, not over washing your hair and reducing the amount of heat you use on your hair. If you are wanting to experiment with your natural curls but don’t know where to start; making sure your hair is nice and hydrated is step one. Our best product recommendations to help keep your curls hydrated start as simple as your shampoo and conditioner. Kevin Murphy’s Hydrate Range is our number 1 go to (as the name suggests). The Hydrate Range is the ultimate thirst quencher for hair that needs hydration. Infused with Kakadu Plum, a highly concentrated source of antioxidant- rich Vitamin C, combined with nourishing Shea Butter, this super hydrating shampoo and conditioning range locks in essential moisture and puts the glowing goodness back into your curls. 

The Best Cuts For Curls

We all know the saying work smarter not harder, well the same can be said for caring for your curls. Sometimes all you’re missing is the right hair cut for the job. Layering is key for curly hair! A lot of the time, the weight of curly hair pulls the curls down and loosens the individual strands out of shape. Layering can prevent this and allow the curls and coils to appear longer, fuller and more defined.


Even with the right cut and hydration sometimes our curls need a little extra help to do their thing! This is where knowing how to style your curls can come in handy. Using the right products, diffusing your hair and having some ‘go to hair styles’ in your back pocket for those days where you’re just not feeling it!

Go to Products

Kevin Murphy’s Killer Curls is a MUST for all our curly girls and gals! It’s a defining curl crème that puts the bounce back into sad curls and fights frizz with its antioxidant-rich and anti-frizz formula. Ideal for medium to course, curly or wavy hair, it activates and defines curls to the best of their natural ability.  

Kevin Murphy’s Killer Waves is magic in a bottle! If you’re wanting to embrace your natural texture this weightless, invisible curl enhancer is particularly good for fine wave or curly hair. Designed to separate and define natural waves and curls, the antioxidant rich spray  also helps reduce frizz while Baobab Seed Extract increases shine and elasticity for beautify bouncy waves.

Kevin Murphy’s Easy Rider provides the nourishment of a treatment to improve moisture and elasticity, while activating curl and smoothing out frizz. Easy does it with this defining anti-frizz crème for all hair types that treats your hair as you style.


A diffuser attachment is designed for waves and curls to disperse the airflow of a blow dryer. It’s used to dry curly hair gently while reducing frizz. It also keep the curl pattern in tact, and creates volume. 

“After completing the wash cycle and adding your favourite styler, part hair in the direction that you’d like it to dry. Some might argue that you should start diffusing right away but letting the hair air dry about 40-50% before diffusing helps cut down on blow drying time.Tilt head to one side and place large sections over the diffuser attachment. Dry on low or medium heat and air settings and cup up towards the scalp. Hold the position up for 10-20 seconds, then move onto a new section. Repeat this process on one side then tilt head to the other side and continue. Diffuse until the hair is 80% dry and air dry for the remaining time.” – Rochelle Masella

Best Styles

On those days where your curls aren’t quite giving you the shape you want, you need a quick effortless up do to fake flawlessness!

The half-up half-down look is a must for curly hair! Separating the hair into two sections helps give the hair height, texture and helps to enhance the natural curl. Simply part your hair horizontally from ear to ear to separate the top and bottom sections of the hair. Tie the top section and let the look speak for itself. To add personality, take pieces from the front to frame the face. You can also tie the top section into a messy bun to add fullness to the top section of the hair.