Smooth Moves

We’re going to help you break down what it is, who it’s for, and why you need it this winter! 

So what is a Keratin Treatment? 

Keratin itself is the protein found in your hair and nails. Keratin’s primary purpose within the hair is to assist with structure and protection.  

Keratin is responsible for giving your hair its natural wave, curl, or smooth texture. It also acts as a shield for your hair follicle, protecting it from sun exposure, pollution, and heat tools. Excessive damage to the hair follicle can leave the hair feeling brittle, lifeless, and most of all, frizzy!

All in all, Keratin is pretty important to our hair, but what is a Keratin Treatment, and why is it so popular this winter?   

A Keratin Treatment is an in-salon solution to dull, frizzy, damaged, and unruly hair. It works by smoothing down the cells that overlap the hair strands. These cells absorb the Keratin, resulting in hair that appears more full, glossy, shiny, and smooth. Keratin treatments are also a great way to make curly hair less frizzy, easier to style and straighter in appearance. In simple terms, Keratin Treatments put the protein already found in your hair, back into your hair. Leaving it feeling healthier, smoother, shinier, and frizz-free. 

 Who will benefit most from a Keratin Treatment? 

This treatment has so many benefits, whether you want to iron out any kinks or revive your locks, but there are certain hair types that will especially benefit from a Keratin Treatment. If you struggle with frizzy, coarse hair or don't like your natural curl and end up smoothing your hair daily, this treatment is calling your name! Keratin helps soften the hair strands individually, making coarse hair easier to manage and adding moisture, so hair is softer and easier to style.  

Although Keratin Treatments are beneficial for almost everyone, there are a few exceptions. The treatment is not recommended for clients with super thin or over-processed hair. This is because the hair can't handle any heat in such a fragile state. Similarly, clients who love their natural curl or texture are better off giving the treatment a miss, as the Keratin can turn the curl into more of a wave during the smoothing process.  

Why Winter? 

So, by now you probably agree with our love of Keratin Treatments, but why the rush to get one this winter? We’ve all heard the saying prior planning prevents poor performance, and when it comes to hair, there is no exception. Keratin Treatments usually last between 3-6 months, depending on the natural hair type, and increase in effectiveness every time you get them. If your first treatment is in winter, you’re set right up until summer! The season is filled with swimming, salty air, and sweat, also known as peak frizz season. Your hair will adapt even better to the Keratin the second time around and will be at full strength to take on the summer frizz. Your winter keratin treatment is the prior planning you need to achieve peak performance in your hair all year round.  

If you’re on the fence about getting a treatment, our Keratin Specialists will help you answer any questions you may have. Call our salon or book in for a complimentary consultation.  

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