Enigma 101: How do I maintain my hair colour between salon visits?

Did you know that maintaining your colour between appointments can save you time, money, and improve the quality of your hair?

When you book an appointment at Enigma we will provide you with a complimentary consultation first and foremost to listen and to understand your hair goals and the look you are hoping to achieve. Colouring your hair is a journey (we’re totally here for the ride) and just like a skincare plan a beautician would recommend, we always recommend a hair care plan. This will involve products that protect against damage, lock in your colour, and keep your mane luscious and shiny. 

Luckily for us, Director of Enigma Hair + Body, Kate Brown has shared what professional colourists advise you to do to minimise your salon visits.

Understand the importance of salon-quality products

For many of us, a trip to the salon is a luxury that we look forward to a couple of times a year. And, depending on what service you are after it can be an investment. When we invest in our hair in the salon, what we do and use at home is just as important. Supermarket or non-professional hair products have a high concentration of detergent to produce foam - all this does is strip colour. So technically, if you do decide to purchase supermarket products you will see your colour fade sooner than if you used professional products, resulting in more trips to the salon.

Using a salon-quality shampoo and conditioner will protect the colour and reduce fade. Talk to your hairdresser about what products are suitable for your hair and see your colour shine.

At-home treatments

Home treatments will keep the hair cuticle sealed to ensure the cuticle stays closed which also reduces the risk of fade. We recommend doing a treatment once a week, and if you are willing to sleep in it overnight the better! Try the Kevin Murphy Young Again Masque, or the Kevin Murphy Smooth Again Leave-in Treatment for those who don’t want to worry about washing it out (or if you’re anything like us - likely to forget!)

Book in for a gloss toner

In addition to using salon-quality products, and at-home treatments a gloss treatment at the salon is the most effective way to maintain healthy rich, lasting colour. A gloss toner adds a small amount of pigment as well as an overall gloss. It also completely seals the cuticle. A gloss treatment is recommended every 3 weeks. You can book a gloss treatment online at Enigma by clicking here:

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